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Our reporter finds out what fellow students are really thinking.
By David Newman


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Our reporter finds out what fellow students are really thinking. In this issue: What is the most striking thing you have noticed this semester on campus?

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Ashley Soto

Sophomore, LSA

I am black and Latino. This year, there seem to be so many more student organizations run by people who are passionate, and stepping up, and really bringing their culture and experience along with them. I also think that I am less apologetic this year. Last year, as a freshman, I was self-conscious. Now, I am saying what I feel.

Simran Jagirdar

Sophomore, LSA

The bicycle-Ubers, called Boobers, which are out at night. It’s like a carriage bike you can ride around on. The drivers are dressed a bit strangely. The whole thing is just really funny to see.

Hassan Bazzi

Sophomore, LSA

The night in September when everyone was taking a knee at the Block M on the Diag to support the NFL players’ protests. That was really moving. I am also noticing how many freshmen keep asking me for directions. I am so much more comfortable now that I am a sophomore.

Madeline Ripple

Freshman, LSA

I went to a very small high school and expected U-M to be all big lectures. But I have three classes with only 18 kids. I also find it strange that in the first month here, we had eight fire alarms in my dorm. I think there is a faulty switch.

Lydia Dunn

Freshman, School of Music, Theatre & Dance

The biggest difference between high school and college for me is now I walk everywhere. My feet hurt every day, and I’m a dancer! Figuring out the bus system is pretty hard. I have not gotten on the wrong bus yet, but sometimes I am too scared even to take a bus, so I just walk.

Jenny Barretto

Senior, School of Music, Theatre & Dance

I went to the Ross School of Business for the fi rst time ever yesterday. That was very exciting. It’s very pretty. I wish I had known more about it sooner. Who knew that they have so many restaurants in there?

Julia Haidar

Senior, LSA

I’ve noticed a change in the campus climate and the level of activism on campus. There is a protest nearly every week. I’ve seen people become more active and more vocal about how they feel, and I’ve seen that in myself as well. I’m glad it’s happening.

Ronak Patel

Senior, College of Engineering

Senioritis is kicking in. I’ve started to learn that school isn’t everything and that I need to enjoy it a bit more.

David Newman is a junior acting major in the School of Music, Theatre & Dance and an advancement intern for the Alumni Association.

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