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Identical twins Karen and Karina Paredes reflect on how LEAD has shaped their journeys at U-M as first-generation college students.
Kelly Korreck, ’99, MS’02, PhD’05, leads NASA’s preparations for the total solar eclipse.
Alumni share wisdom and insight for current LEAD Scholars
More than 330 people attended the event, setting a new record for the annual Congressional Breakfast.
The event, hosted by the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan, was sold out and featured a wide-ranging discussion.
Eli Rallo, ’20, dishes advice on love, life, and confidence on social media to her massive following.
U-M alumni are helping transform Michigan Central Station into an epicenter of innovation.
We speak to a student artist about her project, "UrMug."
We take a peek inside a University place.
"I remember key places on the University campus with remarkable clarity and fondness."
Camp Michigania hosts its first wedding.
Monica Howard Douglas, ’94, was also named to the Alumni Association’s Board of Directors.
Joseph, ’96, MBA’01, JD’01, and Stacy Giles, ’95, give their money and time to help improve U-M.
LEAD Scholar Hailey Love is mixing her interests in business and poetry.
Addressing systemic issues is the best way to combat workplace burnout within your team.
Michigan Alum speaks to a faculty member about an issue in their field.
Rajiv Shah, ’95, is looking to inspire leaders with his new ‘playbook for transformational change.’
The Michigan Christian Study Center provides space for students and staff to study and have meaningful conversations.
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