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Women’s History Month

U-M researchers share how the role of women has changed sports, the workplace, and much more for Woman’s History Month.
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Women have come a long way and witnessed a lot of changes in the world—and on campus—in the 100 years since American women gained the right to vote. This Women’s History Month, the Alumni Education Gateway gives you access to educational content with U-M researchers sharing how the role of women has changed sports, the workplace, and much more.

The First Women

In 1924, a questionnaire went out to U-M’s female graduates. The U-M Heritage Project presents a sampling of the candid responses, from classroom nerves to career-launching experiences.

Momentum and Balance

Last spring, Michigan Ross assembled a panel of women leaders to speak about gender equality in the workplace, celebrate broad and personal successes, and share strategies on continuing advancement.

Underrepresentation in STEM

A four-year “report card” assessment across more than 500 research institutions, coordinated in part by Michigan Medicine, reveals systematic underrepresentation of women in STEM leadership roles.

World Cup Women

LSA political science professor Andrei Markovits examines how the success and popularity of the U.S. women’s national soccer team came to be and how it reflects on other cultures and the sport itself.

Super Abbu

School of Information professor Mustafa Naseem discusses the Super Abbu (Super Dad) project, a Pakistan-piloted information hotline, and how it enables health and social strides for both fathers and mothers.

Seen and Heard

Research finds that social justice events organized by women, such as the March 2019 Women’s March on Washington, D.C., favor intersectional activism—the efforts to shine light on more than one issue.

For more insight on women’s history and other topics, visit the Alumni Education Gateway, which offers a variety of articles, podcasts, lectures, and papers created by the Leaders and Best.

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