Standing Out in your First 90 Days on the Job

The first 90 days in a job are the most important you will ever work.
By Alumni Career Team

This recording is available exclusively to University of Michigan students and alumni.

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You implemented a job search strategy by sending out more resumes than you could count and aced the interview. Congratulations! Months (or years) of work has finally paid off, and you are in your new job. You might celebrate for a while and then realize the new chapter in your career has just begun.

The first 90 days in a job are the most important you will ever work. People are making up their minds about you, how far you will progress, and if you will be worthy of a promotion in the future. It’s up to you to collaborate with your new colleagues, excel with assigned projects, and make a good impression on your manager.

How can you prepare and make sure you stand out in your first 90 days? We will explore steps you can take to make the most of your new role. This webinar is designed to help you destress and prepare for integrating with a new team in a brand-new role. Join us for this interactive webinar.

Porschia Parker-Griffin is the founder and CEO of Fly High Coaching and the Millennial Performance Institute. She is a Certified Professional Coach, an Associate Certified Coach, a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Master Practitioner, and an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner.

Porschia also has experience as a director and business consultant in the financial industry, helping companies unlock millions of dollars in potential hiding in their organizations.

Porschia has a B.S. in psychology from the University of Georgia and is currently studying for a master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology. She served as an associate training coach for the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and has been recognized as a Career Expert by LinkedIn.

Porschia also served as a career contributor for BioSpace and has been featured in LinkedIn News, FlexJobs, Levo, iOffice, and the Rochester Business Journal. She now hosts the Career 101 Podcast.

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