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Join us for a spectacular twelve-night voyage through Greece, Turkey, Croatia, and Italy. Embark in Athens, where the wealth of historic sites sets the tone for an epic adventure, and set sail through the Aegean Sea. Cruise to fashionable Mykonos and explore maze-like cobbled lanes and brilliant whitewashed churches. Stop off in Kuşadasi with access to the legendary ruins of Ephesus. See tranquil Patmos, a pilgrimage site echoing with the bells of over 300 churches. And take in the chic beach resort of Marmaris, boasting an elegant palm-lined promenade and yacht-filled marina. Then venture to Ionian waters. Witness the romance of Chania’s fourteenth-century Venetian Harbour. Visit Katakolon, showcasing Olympia, birthplace of the Olympic games. And uncover the layered history hidden in Corfu’s monasteries, palaces, and mountain towns. Finally, set sail for the gems of the Adriatic. Visit the fortresses and sacred sites of the medieval walled city of Dubrovnik. Admire Ravenna’s unique mosaics and frescos at churches and mausoleums. And catch a glimpse of grand Habsburg style along Rijeka’s Korzo promenade. Before journey’s end, spend a day in the timeless city of Venice to explore flower-strewn canals and marble palaces.

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Day 1 – Depart Gateway City


Day 2 – Athens (Piraeus), Greece

Built around the ruins of the ancient temple, the Parthenon, Athens is set between its rich modern present and its astounding past.

Day 3 – Mykonos, Greece

Situated on an island of the same name, Mykonos artfully balances elegance and classic Greek culture within its labyrinth of cobblestone streets and chalk-white homes.

Day 4 – Kuşadasi/Ephesus, Turkey

Kuşadasi acts as a jumping-off point to explore the legendary ruins of the city of Ephesus—an important archaeological site and historic Christian pilgrimage destination. Here, visit the Library of Celsus and the Temple of Artemis.

Day 5 – Patmos, Greece

The island of Patmos is home to an eleventh-century monastery—one of the most influential monasteries in Greece. A tranquil isle echoing with the bells of over 300 churches, Patmos is also host to sleepy towns and unspoiled beaches.

Day 6 – Marmaris, Turkey

A hodgepodge of bustling marinas, red-roofed homes, and secluded bays, Marmaris is a sunseeker’s dream. This city boasts 300 days of sunshine each year and long streches of gold sand beaches overlooking the shimmering Aegean Sea.

Day 7 – Chania, Crete, Greece

Chania’s charm is contagious. Spend your day wandering the streets of the old town or exploring the small shops and waterfront restaurants that line the Venetian Harbour. Alternatively, travel to visit the ruins of Aptera, an ancient Minoan and Hellenistic city-state.

Day 8 – Katakolon, Greece

In Katakolon, relax at a seaside café or browse the galleries. Head inland to discover one of Greece’s most celebrated landmarks, ancient Olympia. This sanctuary of treasures includes the stadium where the Olympic Games commenced in 776 BC.

Day 9 – Corfu, Greece

Unwind on the coastline of Corfu with its unique coastal landscapes and cypress-studded hillsides. Progress inland and uncover the city’s layered history through the variety of its architecture, including ancient ruins, eighteenth-century palaces, and a European colonial-style old town.

Day 10 – Dubrovnik, Croatia

Known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” Dubrovnik is an ancient walled city on the Dalmatian Coast that retains its centuries-long allure. Its pedestrian-only Old Town has historic churches and ancient sculptures as well as chic chops, attractive gardens, and snug cafés.

Day 11 – Ravenna, Italy

Captivating Ravenna is an off-the-beaten-path treasure filled with Byzantine charm. Explore the city’s eight churches and mausoleums adorned with early Christian mosaics and frescoes. Perhaps sip local wine on a sidewalk café or lounge on one of the city’s beaches.

Day 12 – Rijeka, Croatia

Rijeka’s ornate nineteenth-century Croatian National Theatre and the nearby Korzo, a promenade lined with elegant Habsburg-era buildings, hearken a genteel era. Shop and sample local fare in the cafés here, or visit the hilltop Trsat Castle for views over the city and the Adriatic beyond.

Day 13 – Venice, Italy

Discover la bella vita—the good life—in the fairytale city of Venice. Take in graceful Venetian architecture and flower-strewn canals in this timeless city of bridges, marble palaces, and charming old shops.

Day 14 – Depart

Disembark in Venice.




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  • April 29–May 12, 2021
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