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Thankful Bagel

Bagely asked students, “What are you thankful for?”
By Bagely


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Often at Welcome Wednesdays, I have a question or poll for students to answer. In the spirit of the coming holiday, I recently asked, “What are you thankful for?”

For me, the answers are simple: my comfy gloves and the smell of pumpkin bagels. I’ll need both to get through another Michigan winter!

Some students shared sweeping and sweet sentiments. You were thankful for friends, family, love, and good health.

Other students gave specific thanks in other areas, prompting my personal comments.

  • “The inspirational spirit of the Michigan women’s ice hockey team.” I want to be the world’s first ice-skating bagel.
  • “The thrill of ultimate Frisbee.” I tried to get into this, but the gloves made it a little tricky.
  • “The excitement of being able to attend the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago.” I have family at the Chicago Bagel Authority!
  • “The assistance of the Quizlet app when you need to shore up a lecture.” Just try memorizing what’s in the “everything” bagel seasoning without it.
  • “The support of gym partners.” I’d burn some carbs myself, but, well … you know.
  • “The moment you can savor a glass of wine.” I like a good Zinfandel from time to time.

I’m also thankful to everyone who wrote they were grateful for our Wednesday meetups. The Alumni Association and I are happy to provide you with free coffee, hot chocolate, and bagels (or “bajels,” as someone pronounced it in a Vine video) almost every week of the school year.

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