Decisions, decisions. I asked in the Oct. 12 newsletter how I should dress up for Halloween, and you sent in tons of good ideas: Sulley from “Monsters, Inc.” Hawkeye the wellness dog. Punk rocker Bagely. Royal Bagely. And … dough!? That one is just a little too complicated and sticky for me. But I love the idea.

Anyway, I can’t spend all evening in costume changes because I won’t have time for trick or treating. But I did choose five of my favorites.

Donut Bagely 700x500
Doughnut Bagely: I’ll pay homage to my distant cousin Doughnut in this lovely costume. Doughnut is so much more down to earth than those snooty baguettes, croissants, and English muffins.
Squirrel Bagely 700x500

Squirrel Bagely: My buddies on the Diag will get a kick out of this costume. But don’t ask me to eat any acorns.

RecycleRufus Bagely 700x500

Recycle Bagely: As an environmental activist who loves recycling and composting, I think this costume is a natural, so to speak.

Clown Bagely 700x500

Clown Bagely: I know some people freak out about clowns, but this clown costume is decidedly friendly.

Ghost Bagely 700x500

Spooky Ghost Bagely: What a classic.

While I’m out and about on Halloween, I hope to see some great Bagely costumes! And I look forward to seeing you next semester when Welcome Wednesdays returns to the Alumni Center.

Happy Halloween and Go Boo!