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Human Factors Engineering

“Anywhere there is a person using a system, human factors engineering concepts inevitably apply. This human factors engineering training program provides hands-on user interface design experience for anyone looking to improve their organization through proven user interface evaluation techniques.This two-week human factors course, now in its 55th year, concerns the…Read More >

Low Great Lakes Water Levels

North America’s Great Lakes hold the largest amount of available surface freshwater in the world, comprising approximately 21 percent of the world’s total freshwater supply. This ample supply of water supports the very fabric of life in the region by providing clean drinking water and supporting commerce and recreational activities…Read More >

Data Policy

Certification of Intent to Comply with Policy Regarding Access and Use of Alumni Data by Non-EmployeesIn order to access alumni data from the Alumni Association, you need…Read More >

Towards pervasive assistance

For the past 20 years, the pervasive and ubiquitous computing community has developed technology that allows sensing, computing, and wireless communication to be embedded in everyday objects, enabling a range of context-aware applications. These apps and technologies embedded in our everyday life are changing the way people are experiencing computing…Read More >