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The COVID-19 pandemic put a surreal spin on the arrival of the University's 2020-21 academic year.
This is the first installment from the Alumni Association’s Diversity Dialogue series, which will examine issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.
“It is important that we continue to gather in spirit by looking out for one another.”
The Campus Farm is an outdoor classroom where students grow produce for the University and Ann Arbor community while learning about sustainable food systems.
What researcher pioneered one of the world’s first polio vaccines after working with U-M’s head of epidemiology? See answer below.
Conservation ecologist David O’Connor has traveled a long, winding, and unlikely journey.
Current events may have erected new obstacles, but 2020 has also raised the stakes in spurring young voters to the polls.
U-M faculty and alumni offer insights on how to reinvigorate post-COVID urban spaces.
As World War I was coming to a close in the fall of 1918, the country faced another challenge: a worldwide flu pandemic. U-M was not immune to the pandemic’s effects, which have a striking similarity to those of today’s coronavirus pandemic.
With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many U-M alumni around the world wanted to do something. So many stepped up to deliver comfort, calm, and cheer.
Alumni are serving in myriad occupations on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic in exhaustive, dangerous work they could not have imagined months ago.
The arrival of COVID-19 into the world meant the departure of students, faculty, and staff from campus.
We ask a student leader to share her story.
In this series, Sara Moulton, ’81, shares her wisdom on all things culinary, from trends and treats to tips.
A peek inside a University place.
Adapting an Ann Arbor institution for COVID-19.
We catch up with one of our former LEAD Scholars.
Along with his contributions to medicine and medical testing, what physician, who served as dean of the U-M Medical School for 30 years, contributed to the battle against the 1918 flu pandemic?