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U-M is confronting disturbing instances of sexual misconduct, wrestling with how to revamp systems and procedures for reporting, punishing, and preventing similar behavior — and to rebuild the trust of students, staff, and alumni.
The phalanx of student managers who toil in support of U-M basketball take their reward in satisfaction when the teams do well.
Smartphone addiction is taking a toll on teen health, with excessive phone use linked to compulsive eating. And the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t helping.
More than a year has passed since COVID-19 first turned the world upside down. For some U-M alumni, the changes have presented unexpected opportunities; for others, they've caused incredible hardship.
Alumni share how they found community on campus and address issues of inclusion and activism.
Eric Mayes, co-captain of the 1997 national championship Wolverine football team, shares how his time at U-M shaped his life and career as a higher education administrator and professor.
Michigan Alumnus spoke with Shelie Miller, an associate professor in the School for Environment and Sustainability and director of the U-M Program in the Environment, about some common misperceptions regarding sustainability.
A peek inside a University place.
We catch up with one of our former LEAD Scholars.
"We got our affairs together, celebrated my birthday early, and said goodbye at the airport. We had been married four months."
In this series, Sara Moulton, ’81, shares her wisdom on all things culinary, from trends and treats to tips.
U-M alumni share photos of their Maize and Blue pets.
A U-M connection led to an altruistic organ donation, despite COVID-19 and a cancer scare.
The medical historian who coined the phrase “flattening the curve” views pandemics through the lens of history and offers insights to head off killer viruses in the future.
They make Blue go — the essential workers on campus who have shown their dedication and service since COVID-19 changed life as we know it.
During the 2018-19 academic year, Michigan Alumnus followed U-M student Tihnae Bennett through her first year, recording all of the typical experiences of any student. Now, we check back in during what has become a most unique junior year.
Irene Butter, a Holocaust survivor and professor emeritus at U-M, has spent decades sharing her story to ensure it is never forgotten.
While the majority of U-M faculty and staff have been working remotely during this pandemic, the Facilities & Operations (F&O) team has been keeping the Ann Arbor campus running.