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U-M is confronting disturbing instances of sexual misconduct, wrestling with how to revamp systems and procedures for reporting, punishing, and preventing similar behavior — and to rebuild the trust of students, staff, and alumni.
Father-son duo Stan Edwards, '82, and Braylon Edwards, '17, reflect on their years as U-M students and football players and discuss the ways they continue to connect to the University.
The phalanx of student managers who toil in support of U-M basketball take their reward in satisfaction when the teams do well.
Jason DeCamillis, who is legally blind, yearned to fly a plane. A U-M professor helped make his dream come true.
For more than a century, Michigras, an annual April festival welcoming spring, also served as a “fun raiser” for campus causes.
In commemoration of Earth Day on April 22, the Alumni Education Gateway shares insights from the U-M community on the environment, sustainability, and policies that affect the planet.
U-M alumni remember the moment they learned of their acceptance into U-M.
Two U-M alumnae share their stories of professors who made a profound impact, one who opened a new world of literature and another who offered truly life-saving advice.
We ask a student leader to share her story.
Smartphone addiction is taking a toll on teen health, with excessive phone use linked to compulsive eating. And the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t helping.
More than a year has passed since COVID-19 first turned the world upside down. For some U-M alumni, the changes have presented unexpected opportunities; for others, they've caused incredible hardship.
Alumni share how they found community on campus and address issues of inclusion and activism.
Eric Mayes, co-captain of the 1997 national championship Wolverine football team, shares how his time at U-M shaped his life and career as a higher education administrator and professor.
Michigan Alumnus spoke with Shelie Miller, an associate professor in the School for Environment and Sustainability and director of the U-M Program in the Environment, about some common misperceptions regarding sustainability.
A peek inside a University place.
We catch up with one of our former LEAD Scholars.
"We got our affairs together, celebrated my birthday early, and said goodbye at the airport. We had been married four months."
In this series, Sara Moulton, ’81, shares her wisdom on all things culinary, from trends and treats to tips.