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Bagely Misses You

Bagely compiles a top-10 list of highlights.
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Times are tough for Bagely. They are staying healthy and safe inside but miss the students horribly. They miss the buzz of Welcome Wednesdays, the excitement that comes with the end of the winter semester, and all the traditions that now cannot happen. To cheer up, Bagely compiled a list of their top-10 highlights from the 2019-20 academic year.

10: Making new friends at the Michigan League and Pierpont Commons, where Welcome Wednesdays happened this year due to the Alumni Center renovation.

Bagely Pierpont Featured

9: Introducing my friends to Hawkeye the Wellness Dog at Welcome Wednesdays.


8: Attending the Turn Up Turnout event to help get out the student vote in the 2020 presidential election.

Bagely Voting

7: Giving out stickers with my picture emblazoned on them during Festifall.

Bagely Sticker And Group

6: People asking me questions at Welcome Wednesdays!

Bagely 2 White Board

5: Teaming up with LSA Student Government for their Study Lounge.


4: Celebrating Valentine’s Day early with students at Welcome Wednesdays.


3: Riding the bus monthly to North Campus for Welcome Wednesdays.


2: Becoming the most popular meme on campus due to this video making me famous!

1: Celebrating my birthday with the U-M men’s wrestling team on National Bagel Day!

Bagely Party

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