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Not Enough: Protecting Algae-Eating Fish Insufficient to Save Imperiled Coral Reefs, Study Concludes

October 3, 2022


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Not Enough Protecting Algae Eating Fish Insufficient To Save Imperiled Coral Reefs Study Concludes Chromis 1536x1152
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The effects of climate change constantly impact coral reefs, but is there a way for these habitats to be conserved? A new study that analyzed long-term data from 57 coral reefs around the French Polynesian island of Mo’orea challenges the notion of algae-eating reef fish, such as the parrotfish, stabilizing the reef habitat by keeping algae in check. Jacob Allgeier, U-M marine ecologist, and study co-senior author, suggests that well-intentioned but misguided management strategies could have huge implications for the millions of people who depend on coral-reef fisheries for food and income.

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