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Michigan Ross Study Explores Flow of Goods Amid Disruptions, Offers Advice: Think Globally, Supply Locally

August 25, 2022


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5-15 mins
Sytch Spotlight 01

A global economy is a modern fact of life, but supply chain networks must become more regionalized to weather human-made and natural disasters, according to new researchers at the University of Michigan. This calls into question prevailing industry wisdom and belief in the superiority of a diverse supply chain and a globalized network’s ability to withstand shocks, such as pandemics, wars, and severe weather. Maxim Sytch, a professor of management and organizations at U-M’s Ross School of Business, who co-authored the study with fellow Ross Professor Scott Page and Yong Kim, an assistant professor of management at Texas A&M, discusses how collaborative relationships enable the flow of promising ideas, practices, and knowledge.

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