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Helping Kids with Congenital Hand Differences

May 16, 2022


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5-15 mins
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Michigan Health releases a study relating to kids with congenital hand differences, and how to be aware of them in your children. Kevin Chung, M.D., chief of Hand Surgery and director of the Comprehensive Hand Center at the University of Michigan Health, talks about the differences in someone’s hands, and the conditions which someone can face. Congenital hand conditions — from fused fingers to other complex conditions such as an extra thumb or a missing bone — affect approximately 1 in 500 children. These conditions require expert training, says Chung, who treats the full range of conditions. He encourages parents to seek out experts who can offer recommendations for the best possible treatment option for their child. He stresses the role of aesthetics when it comes to treating pediatric patients, noting that a person’s hands are as important as their face because of the confidence one can lose or gain by having this kind of treatment. Chung also discusses congenital hand differences, types of pediatric hand conditions, and how to advocate for your child.

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