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Flaring Allows More Methane Into the Atmosphere Than We Thought

September 29, 2022


Watch time:

5-15 mins
Flaring Allows More Methane Into The Atmosphere Than We Thought Flaring Bakken 2021 IMG 0309 AlanYulia EDIT
Presented by Michigan News

Does the oil and gas industry have a flaring problem? Oil and gas producers rely on flaring to limit the venting of natural gas from their facilities, but new research led by the University of Michigan shows that, in actuality, this practice is far less effective than estimated. The study shows that we have long overestimated the benefits of flaring and, in turn, underestimated its negative impact. Results suggest that if we fix flaring issues, the payoff could be huge – the equivalent of removing 3 million cars from the roads.

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