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U-M Club of Portland: Get Involved

The club is always looking for additional ways to partner with the Portland community. In addition to the the Football Game watch parties at Broadway Brewery and Grill, the club also needs volunteers to help host additional events like:

  1. An Admitted Student Reception for admitted students from the Portland area
  2. An Admitted Student Send Off
  3. Pre-football season kickoff (Harbaugh-Q)
  4. Happy New Year – on Michigan Time

We’re also open to new ideas and events you’d like to suggest!

Some of these events require financing and, if so, can potentially be subsidized with club funds. Additionally, we also prefer hosting events that only require a time and place to meet as well as a main contact person to host the event.

With approximately 3000 people on the club’s email list, it’s easy to gather a group of alumni to play Euchre at a park, meet at the Zoo for a family day, or enjoy a beverage after a day of skiing on Mt. Hood. The possibilities are limitless when you volunteer and show up to wave the Michigan Flag (figuratively, but perhaps not literally). We encourage you to contact an officer or board member if you want to come out and help the Portland Alumni Club be even better!

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