Interview Preparation

An interview is one of the final steps in your career search or transition. It is a two-way communication between yourself and an organization to determine mutual fit. In other words:

Why you? (Know yourself.)
Why this position? (Know the position.)
Why this company? (Know the company and industry.)

Ask any hiring manager, recruiter, or career expert and they’ll tell you the key to nailing an interview is by preparation and practice. The Alumni Association wants to set you up for success by providing you with the support to do both with InterviewStream, our interview preparation software. It’s available to Alumni members and students and no cost. It’s easy to use, too. You simply login to InterviewStream to practice interviewing anytime and anywhere. Pick questions based on your industry or type of interview, record yourself answering questions, and play them back so you can evaluate both the content of your answers and your non-verbals, which can make or break your interview. Send your videos to others to get feedback from them, too.

You can also download the Alumni Association’s Guide to the Job Interview for more tips on how to make your interview a success.

“Interviewstream helped get me all keyed up for my real interview the next day, and it was useful to see my own recording and try to adjust my responses.” U-M Alum ‘00

“It was my first time using a record/watch myself system. I thought it was very valuable, and I’m really glad the Alumni Association provides it.” U-M Alum ‘09

Exclusive Interview Preparation for Members

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