Career & Networking

Guidance from experienced minds is a crucial element for professional and career development. Whether you want to volunteer your time to give advice or start mentoring, the Alumni Association offers exclusive opportunities for Wolverines of all ages and career levels. Learn about Hail & Hello, Face to Face with Michigan Alumni, and other opportunities below, then fill out the Volunteer Form to begin your journey.

Hail & Hello

Hail & Hello is a two-part networking workshop and event. Students first learn all about the art of networking in a brief workshop, which is immediately followed by practicing their newly-learned skills in a comfortable reception environment with U-M alumni from any field or industry. Help U-M students become better networkers and give them feedback on their networking skills.

Face to Face with Michigan Alumni

Each semester, the Alumni Association hosts Face to Face sessions: one-on-one, 30-minute conversations where U-M alumni across a variety of functions and industries spend time with U-M students talking about their career paths and offering advice on their professions.

Whether you’re in marketing or finance, maneuvering through a large corporation or running a small business, have stayed with the same organization for years or have changed jobs a few times, rest assured there are students eager to learn from your experience and listen to your advice while you give back to the Wolverine community.

In-person sessions are arranged on Ann Arbor’s Central or North campuses, or you can participate in virtual sessions over phone, Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangout.

Networking, Mentoring and Speaking Opportunities

Want to give back to U-M alumni and students in another way? Not a problem! The Alumni Association helps alumni give back in areas in which they have expertise by tapping them for speaking, networking, or mentoring opportunities.

We continuously explore new methods of engagement and knowledge sharing. Consider joining us by sharing your talent and time helping your fellow Wolverines.


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