Tasman Pearls–WAIT LIST ONLY

Trip Highlights

Climb Boyd’s Tower in Eden, see koalas in Melbourne, explore Fern Glade Reserve’s trails in Burnie, look for yellow-eyed penguins in Dunedin, take in the natural beauty of Christchurch, discover seafront attractions in Picton, view art-deco architecture in Napier, and visit hot springs in Rotorua.


January 21 to February 05, 2018



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Physical Activity Level

Mildly Active


15 Days


$ 6,999.00



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Call Alumni Travel at 855.764.0064


Day 1 Depart for Australia

Day 2 In flight

Day 3 Sydney, Australia
Depart 5pm

Day 4 Eden, Australia
Arrive 8am–Depart 4pm

Day 5 Melbourne, Australia
Arrive 2pm

Day 6 Melbourne, Australia
Depart 6pm

Day 7 Burnie, Tasmania, Australia
Arrive 8am–Depart 5pm

Day 8 At Sea

Day 9 At Sea

Day 10 Cruising the Fjords of Milford Sound, New Zealand

Day 11 Dunedin (Port Chalmers), New Zealand
Arrive 10am–Depart 8pm

Day 12 Christchurch (Lyttelton), New Zealand
Arrive 9am–Depart 6pm

Day 13 Picton, New Zealand
Arrive 8am–Depart 4pm

Day 14 Napier, New Zealand
Arrive 8am–Depart 4pm

Day 15 Tauranga/Rotorua, New Zealand
Arrive 12pm–Depart 7pm

Day 16 Auckland, New Zealand
Disembark 8am

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