Southern Grandeur

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Relax into the heat, history, and hospitality of the Southern Mississippi on this week-long riverboating experience aboard the stately American Queen. From Civil War battlefields to hoppin’ blues bars, Southern culture is on full display as you cruise north from New Orleans to Memphis.


April 22 to April 30, 2018


North America

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Physical Activity Level

Mildly Active


8 Days


$ 1,699.00


River Cruise

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Day 1: Memphis, Tennessee
Arrive, overnight in hotel

Day 2: Memphis, Tennessee
Embark 5pm

Day 3: Greenville, Mississippi
Arrive 12pm; depart 5pm

Day 4: Vicksburg, Mississippi
Arrive 8am; depart 5pm

Day 5: Natchez, Mississippi
Arrive 8am; depart 5pm

Day 6: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Arrive 8am; depart 5pm

Day 7: St. Francisville, Louisiana
Arrive 8am; depart 5pm

Day 8: Nottoway, Louisiana
Arrive 8am; depart 5pm

Day 9: New Orleans, Louisiana
Arrive 8am

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