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The University of Michigan provides opportunities unlike any other school. Gifted students around the world dream of attending Michigan, but unfortunately not all of them have the financial resources to make that goal a reality. Many top students choose to attend other institutions that offer more competitive financial aid packages, sacrificing their chance to learn from world-renowned faculty, study with a diverse group of fellow students, enrich their lives with internationally recognized arts and culture programs, and add to the vibrancy of campus life.

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Demonstrate the power of the U-M alumni network by helping prospective students from your local community attend Michigan. By raising $10 million in new club scholarships, we will increase support to nearly 600 students. Give to the Club Scholarship Program—and give greatness a chance.

Alumni, faculty and friends of the University have the opportunity to ensure the institution they take pride in remains strong for decades to come.

The Alumni Association supports more than 432 scholarships for U-M students and awards more than $1 million in scholarships annually, thanks to your generous contributions.

However, it is important to understand that state funding has decreased as a percentage of the general fund that covers teaching, research and public service. In 1960, 77% of the University's general fund was covered by State appropriations. That number has plummeted through the decades, hitting just 26% of available funds in 2006. At the same time, the number of U-M students has risen, resulting in less funding for each student with need.

An accessible education has always been part of the U-M mission. That's why scholarships and your contribution make a difference. Making a donation to an Alumni Association scholarship fund can impact the future of a fellow Wolverine and provide unmatched personal satisfaction.

U-M Students With High Financial Need:

  • Borrow above the national average and more than students at any other Big Ten school, averaging:
    • $22,000 for undergrad
    • $45,000 for a masters student
    • $107,000 for professional degree students
  • Borrow from private lenders at higher interest rates
  • Take longer to graduate
  • Are more likely to drop out because of financial strain

Philanthropic Support is Essential

The University of Michigan — with an endowment of almost $5 billion — has fewer endowment dollars per student than many competing institutions:

Princeton$1.492 million/student
Harvard$1.147 million/student
Yale$1.2 million/student

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