2017 Bicentennial Fund

The University of Michigan has long played an important role in the world. Be it in the sciences or arts, engineering or law, medicine or social sciences, it, and those who have walked its hallowed halls, have made a profound impact. It has been happening now for almost 200 years. And it is up to us to make sure that legacy endures.

So as we approach our 200th birthday, we’re calling on all members to rise to the occasion and contribute to the 2017 Bicentennial Fund. We’re asking that you make a contribution of $2,017. By clicking on the link below, you’ll see there are different options for contributing and designating where your money goes. The programs it supports enrich the lives of our alumni and students, and help maintain the University of Michigan’s status as a world class institution. Plus, it strengthens our global community by enabling our nationwide network of clubs, supporting current students and getting exclusive benefits for yourself, like special access to athletic experiences.

The power we as alumni have in banding together and rising to the occasion in support of the 2017 Bicentennial Fund is extraordinary. It’s counted on. Show your support today. Its impact on the University and all those associated with it will be felt for the many birthdays yet to come.

This promotion has ended, but you can still become a member today: