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Name and Degree Questions

My name or title has changed. How do I update it?

The best way to change your name is to officially change it with the University’s Alumni Records Office. We regularly update our database with the information from the Alumni Records Office, so that once you make that change, it will be carried over.

You can complete the form online.

Why is my degree displayed AB or AM?

The AB is the correct Latin for Artis Baccularatum and AM for Artium Magister and is how the University officially lists all bachelor’s and master’s degree recipients. The data in your profile comes from the University’s Alumni Records Office, which is why you see it listed this way.

My degree information is incorrect, even when translated from Latin. Who should I contact?

We get our degree information from the University’s Alumni Records Office (ARO). In order to get it corrected, you’ll need to contact ARO directly at

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