University of Michigan Alumni Association

Club Leader Resources

The regional relations program provides opportunities for engaging alumni that cannot be provided solely from Ann Arbor by Alumni Association staff. It partners the resources of a central office with the energy and connections of local alumni to create and deliver services and programs to alumni where they live.

Alumni clubs are a benefit of Alumni Association membership. All Alumni Association members are members of their local alumni clubs.

Alumni clubs and regional volunteers are encouraged to work together with staff and their Clubs Council representatives to create communication channels and activity paths with and among alumni. This collaboration is at the heart of creating a mix of opportunities for alumni engagement that blends what can best be produced locally with what can best be produced nationally.

The priorities of the regional relations program include:

  • Sharing information with and from regional alumni, using a mix of electronic and print media
  • Promoting volunteer leadership that reflects the diversity and interests of the regional alumni body
  • Increase the number of AAUM members, revenue and scholarship support
  • Supporting students and alumni as they make their own way in the world

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