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Athletic Counselor Greg Harden on Showtime

UPDATE: Greg Harden helps Nik Stauskas turn himself around 

Meetings that started last fall between Greg Harden and Michigan basketball star Nik Stauskas have helped the guard step up his game. 

Via Detroit Free Press:

Harden looked at Stauskas and saw somebody who was driven and confident but had some internal demons. Harden tried to convince Stauskas that he belonged. To stop comparing himself to others and obsessing about the stats of others. To stop being defined by a game.

Harden helped Stauskas see that his real competition was in his head. Stauskas started keeping a notebook, writing down quotes and ideas to help his mental game progess. He became a voracious reader, consuming anything that could help his development. 

Harden is very impressed at Stauskas' improvement and dedication. From the Freep:

“Come on, man, this kid is hungry … I’m telling you, this kid is serious, and this is not the normal, especially with this generation. It’s a rare bird. The closest to it, I swear to God, was Desmond Howard, one of the best students I ever had.”

Sometimes Harden meets with Stauskas right before a game in the arena, with special permission from Coach Beilein. . Let's hope the two can meet up before the Big Ten tournament kicks off on Friday!


Associate AD and Director of Athletic Counseling Greg Harden is a fixture of the Michigan Athletic Department.

Dubbed "Michigan's Secret Weapon," Harden is the subject of a 60 Minutes Sports documentary which aired Wednesday, March 5, on Showtime. In 60 Minute's words, it was a "great honor" to get behind the closed doors of Greg Harden.

Michigan Alumnus magazine profiled Greg Harden in 2008. Click here to view. 


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